Our school is proud to offer a wide range of fighting and fitness arts. While each discipline follows a unique curriculum, they are all grounded in the philosophy of THE CALASANZ SYSTEM ™...creating a well-balanced martial artist. No matter what style sparks your interest, each program will include the basics of THE CALASANZ SYSTEM™. We strive to help you build a strong physical foundation and learn practical techniques for the real world.

You're welcomed to choose any one or a combination of our great programs to jump start your martial arts training!

Looking forward to training with you!





CALASANZ PHYSICAL ARTS ™ is a body conditioning system only available at Calasanz dojo. Developed over thirty years, these exercises have functional martial arts applications and are designed in such a way that your entire body is receiving the maximum amount of strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and coordination training. Regular training in CALASANZ PHYISICAL ARTS ™, will not only increase the power of your strikes but you will also help you stay flexible, relieve stress, and increase your overall wellbeing.


Learning how to strike vital pressure points is an important skill for many martial artists. While the CALASANZ PRESSURE POINTS™ course doesn't promise to turn you into a "deadly assassin," it will equip you with important knowledge and skills to add to your martial arts arsenal.
In a self-defense situation, your response needs to be quick and fast. While there are over 300 pressure points in the human body, this program focuses on the most common targets you need to focus on when you have to defend yourself...chin, ears, eyes, neck, nose, temple, and throat.
You'll walk out of every class with something valuable and practical!


The boxer's workout is considered one of the best and most exciting ways to get into shape! It's also a fresh break from the mundane world of stair steppers, rowing machines, and stale weight lifting routines.
The CALASANZ FIGHT CLUB™ curriculum includes body conditioning, basic movements of professional boxers, kick boxers, and MMA fighters, and competitive sparring. If you're not interested in sparring, we also have a challenging, non-competitive version of the program.
You decide whether you would like to spar in the ring or just utilize CALASANZ FIGHT CLUB™ as a fitness-building program. If you choose to spar, it's important to know that all sparring is supervised, hitting to the head is prohibited, and participants use protective gear. Safety is a priority. Calasanz has been a staunch advocate of "training without brutality" for over thirty years. Either way, you'll get an amazing workout and learn valuable self-defense techniques.


Calasanz has taught self-defense to law enforcement officers, security professionals and laypersons for over 30 years. CALASANZ STREET SURVIVOR™ program was developed for law enforcement because it is simple, effective, and easy to learn. It has always been Calasanz philosophy that most people are not interested in spending years studying complicated martial art movements and forms. It is literally impossible to access these techniques during an attack because of the intense adrenaline response. CALASANZ STREET SURVIVOR™ condenses the essential basic survival techniques into a straight-forward course that will help you gain a new sense of awareness and confidence.


One of the best ways to get into shape is to set a goal to earn your black belt. CALASANZ EXECUTIVE BLACK BELT INTENSIVE™ is designed to help you reach this goal if you are ready to commit to a year of intensive physical conditioning, martial arts and self-defense training, and one-on-one personal instruction with Calasanz. The program contains a variety of disciplines to suit your personal preference. If you want to take out your frustrations on a punching bag, Calasanz can develop a boxing program for you. If you've always been curious about Chinese Kung Fu, Calasanz will introduce you to the world of Wing Chun, the martial art practiced by Bruce Lee. We will work with you on creating a program that will be fun and exciting!


Do you want your child to get individual attention in order to become physically fit, learn a martial art, or to improve his or her athletic performance? As a martial arts instructor who has worked privately with children and youth for many years, Calasanz will design a program with your child's physical capabilities, individual personality, and temperament in mind. CALASANZ YOUNG ATHLETES™ is one of our most popular programs so parents are advised to register their child well in advance of the athletic season if improved athletic performance is a priority.


CALASANZ KICKBOXING teaches you how to turn your knees, elbows, shins, hands and feet into effective self-defense weapons. You will also be trained in one of Calasanz' most powerful defense tools...a unique and effective method of blocking your opponent's attacks. Head movement is also emphasized to effectively protect yourself from injury. Calasanz incorporates moves from Savate (French foot fighting) and Muay Thai training techniques into his personal approach to kickboxing.


Wing Chun, the Chinese martial art made famous by Bruce Lee, was developed hundreds of years ago specifically to nullify the height and weight advantage that men have over women. This system is characterized by close range combat, economy of motion, and effective self-defense techniques. Calasanz studied Wing Chun under Grandmaster Moy Yat in New York City and has since trained many students in this style. Wing Chun is great for men and women, and is the perfect martial art for older adults who want the benefits of training without the flashy kicks and intense workouts.


AMERICAN BOXING is for men and women who are interested in competition or participating in the boxer's workout. This course focuses on physical conditioning, boxing basics, sparring, and preparation for competition. Calasanz also stresses protecting the head during sparring and instructs boxers on proper head movement and evasion techniques to minimize injuries.


RECREATIONAL BOXING is similar to AMERICAN BOXING without a competitive focus. This program is great for self-defense and very popular among law enforcement and military personnel.


MMA or Mixed Martial Arts, has fast replaced boxing as the mainstream fighters' sport. MMA is a full contact and aggressive sport where striking and grappling techniques are used against an opponent. Most, if not all, MMA bouts end up on the ground. This is a very accessible sport and people of all ages are participating in it, either as serious competitors or for physical fitness.
MMA is has been a staple at Calasanz for many years. In addition to receiving instruction in MMA's basic, intermediate, and advanced techniques, you will also be trained in Calasanz' signature body conditioning system known as CALASANZ PHYSICAL ARTS™ and his unique fighting techniques.



CALASANZ AEROBIC SELF DEFENSE ™ combines elements of dance and martial arts. Calasanz' training in classical ballet, jazz, and modern dance inspired him to create a self-defense class that would appeal to not only dancers and gymnasts, but anyone interested in a combining beauty, power, and grace.


CALASANZ AEROBIC ISOLATION & ISOMETRIC ™ incorporates the use of weight resistance in conjunction with deep breathing, chi enhancing exercises, as well as slow, deliberate extension of the muscles. Your joints, tendons and muscles will get a great workout and you will be trained in proper body mechanics to avoid injury. Many people report that they have seen amazing results within a short period of time. Calasanz' CALASANZ AEROBIC ISOLATION & ISOMETRIC ™ is among the most popular programs at his dojo and a great alternative to fitness club training.


Chinese Boxing, a self-defense and combat sport, has existed for thousands of years and its influence can be seen in many martial art styles. Chinese Boxing's simulated attacks and defensive movements are practiced repetitively for a great aerobic workout and practical self-defense application. This class begins with a basic foundation in Wing Chun to round out your training in close range combat. Chinese Boxing is also a great supplement to CALASANZ KICKBOXING.


Goju Ryu, a blend of hard and soft karate, is originally from the island of Okinawa, which is located between Japan and China. Goju Ryu is a mix of the traditional Okinawan based style of Naha-te and Chinese Wing Chun Kung-Fu. This style incorporates hard and fast attacks with slow circular movements that demonstrate the gradual development of "chi" or "life force." Calasanz studied Goju Ryu under the guidance of Master Tameyoshi Sakamoto and continues to instruct his students in its traditional techniques, katas, and weapons forms. Calasanz' Goju Ryu training uniquely combines Wing Chun techniques to accentuate the "hard" and "soft" aspect of this style. Great course for both adults and children.


Tai Chi Wing Chun is a slow motion practice of the basic Wing Chun form known as Sil Lum Tao. Calasanz' Wing Chun instructor, Moyat, encouraged students to perform these series of movements in a slow, relaxed manner. The deliberate and slow movements are and effective method of mental relaxation and peace. Great for older adults and anyone looking to de-stress!


Often deemed the best style of Kung Fu for increasing physical fitness, Chang Chuan has played a large part in the development of THE CALASANZ SYSTEM for flexibility and agility training. Chang Chuan is a "flashy" art that includes spinning and jumping kicks and employs the use of weapons alongside empty hand attack and defense techniques. The basic Chang Chuan form is taught in this course. If you're looking for a physical challenge, Chang Chuan is a great workout. Very popular class for those with dance or gymnastics backgrounds.


CALASANZ SINGLE BLOWS™ was originally developed by Calasanz during the 1980's specifically for students representing the dojo in karate tournament competition. The concept behind this course is the development of strength and power to deliver the "finishing blow." The finishing blow is delivered to vulnerable targets in the course of physical combat and serves as the last strike to disable your opponent. CALASANZ SINGLE BLOWS™ is designed for those who want to learn an effective form of self-defense in a short period of time. The various finishing blows will be taught in this class as well as how to develop a "fighting spirit."


There are many confrontations that can be de-escalated with proper training. Fighting is not always the best option. CALASANZ STREET SMART™ is a common sense approach to self-defense that focuses on being aware of your surroundings and avoiding conflict. It's a great supplement for any course.


This course will introduce you to self defense techniques that were popularized during the 80's and taught at many martial arts schools. Topics such as wrist locks, subduing your opponent, and groin kicks will be addressed as well as how to execute these timeless techniques with power, balance, and flexibility.


Attention MMA fighters! Learn how to strengthen your ground fighting skills with Wing Chun! CALASANZ WING CHUN GROUND FIGHTING class includes training on the traditional wooden dummy and the 20 arm dummy designed by Calasanz at available only at his school. CALASANZ PHYSICAL ARTS™ exercise routines are also taught as well as leg chi sau training. This course will take your MMA training to a whole new level!


Calasanz was teaching kickboxing to the public long before it became trendy in the early 80's. If you're looking for a kickboxing experience that will not only give you a great workout but also teach you some practice self-defense, try out AMERICAN KICKBOXING. Calasanz' AMERICAN KICKBOXING system will show you how to use your knees, elbows, shins, hands and feet as weapons. Calasanz has personally developed a seamless blend of blocks and counterattacks only taught to his students. Head movement is also addressed so you can learn how to avoid injuries.


Traditional weapons are considered an extension of the body. Once you master the basics of empty hand fighting, weapons training is the next step in expanding your martial art skills. If you're looking to bring some excitement to your training, try supplementing your workout with one of the many traditional weapons systems taught at Calasanz:
• Bo (Long Staff)
• Jo (Short Staff)
• Nunchuck
• Katana
• Sai
• Butterfly Sowrds
• Tonfa (Night Stick)
• Throwing Stars
• Throwing Knives
• Kama
• Wanto (Knife)

Most weapons classes are taught by Calasanz and require one-on-one training.