Rodney LouisRodney Louis

Rodney Louis has been a devoted member of the Calasanz dojo for over twenty-two years. As a child, he began experimenting with the martial art movements he saw on TV and in the movies before actually stepping into a formal class. In addition to his expertise as an instructor of THE CALASANZ SYSTEMâ„¢, Rodney is also a black belt in judo and experienced in American and Chinese boxing, kickboxing, Goju Ryu karate and Wing Chun kung fu. Rodney's main goal as a trainer is to teach his students practical self-defense skills so they can survive on the streets. This also includes the use of weapons and how to defend against them. Above all, Rodney emphasizes the Calasanz philosophy of mastering the basics. "If you master the basics, everything falls into place.